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Dan A great progression from the 1st release entitled "Little Fizz"
Incredibly thought provoking,...
I love the building and colliding of instrumental parts and harmonies, Favorite track: In His Own Image.
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released April 20, 2014



all rights reserved


GRIM Derry, UK

I’m GRIM. I’m an angst-ridden white European man.
I'm an exporter of Lo-fi Electro-blues:
Electro because of the ‘instrumentation’.
Blues because I get irritated by things other people seem to find totally acceptable.

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Track Name: Knots
I feel as if I am unraveling,
Like lots of knots counting on little string.
I'm tied together at the corners, see?
You come to close and you can see the seams.
Eyes roll around in heads this pretty,
Fill this prescription with self pity.

I want to play with it when it's gone.
Track Name: In His Own Image
Good evening, members of the board,
The task assigned to me was almost like a chore.
I drew up plans and schemes to match,
But in the end decided I should start from scratch.

I've got a bag of unused parts,
Forgotten best laid plans and malformed broken hearts.
So, finally take to making me,
For those that don't work out; recycle them again.

Is this the makings of a man?
The piercing eyes, the snarl, clenched fists instead of hands.
He once had violence for his game,
Now man is only violent when he goes insane.
Track Name: Splendour
I am making all this noise to avoid calling your name.
It's a dilution of fears, a spurt of growth that's caused by pain.
And in my nightmares I am still there; in the house where I made ghosts.
And I hate seeing your doorway and I hate feeling you close.
Because as close as you may get, you are still so far away.
And I feel selfish that I just can't bring myself to watch you fade away.

All this growth's sure to be the death of me.
Track Name: Blame
Finding some to blame's easy,
I know I was wrong.
All the mess we couldn't get out of,
I was clinging on.

Someone made a mess of your life, but it wasn't me, dear.

Not content with made up monsters,
You brought your's to life.
In your head and over time,
They and I grew alike.