Digital Throw​-​up EP


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released September 14, 2013



all rights reserved


GRIM Derry, UK

I’m GRIM. I’m an angst-ridden white European man.
I'm an exporter of Lo-fi Electro-blues:
Electro because of the ‘instrumentation’.
Blues because I get irritated by things other people seem to find totally acceptable.

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Track Name: Breaking Up
Let me at your door if I call you; If I'm there I can't be here as well.
Track Name: Machine Speak
The eye then formed a tail,
And slithered to the sea,
The sea was much to big,
Eye split itself in three,
The three then found one each,
To join and form a seed,
So where there once were six,
Were now no longer three.

And the throats gave chase,
To the sounds they made in haste,
But the ears saw nothing.

I see a sea of smiles,
And watch as they decay,
Performance molds a mouth,
Like sculptors mold with clay,
Because you're acting up,
You don't know what to say,
So where you once put words,
Is now an empty space.
Track Name: Quick! Nobody Smile
Baby, just get out,
And save yourself,
Something done with life,
Save someone else,
Boredom awaits you now,
Without all this,
Forgetting's easy it's,
A piece of piss.

Some of us want to be caught...

Let me write this down,
It's an address,
Go there for a while,
And wait for death.

Some of us want to be caught laughing,
To try and make things more at ease,
But in the midst of all this rubble,
Mirth disappears into the breeze.
Track Name: I Pray For Water
The stain clung on,
When I went down to the river today,
The stain just clung on.
Ever since I was born,
When I'd go down to the river to pray,
The stain just clings on.

All this pain should be a habit to break,
All I thought I had got washed away.